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February 16, 2010

Because of MiFi

What an excellent combo :)

Notebook ASUS G1S,
iPhone 3G,
BlackBerry Bold 9000,

now connected to the internet by XL unlimited nyambung terus ....
because of this MiFi Huawei e5830 ...

Nice ...


February 14, 2010

Ketemu Vel lagi [photo]

☺ °˚˚ºo(•̃͡-̮•̃͡) hèhëhé (•̃͡-̮•̃͡)oº˚˚° ☺™

Hari ini ketemu valerie lagi ...
God bless you my dear daughter ...

dr. Arthur Tooy

twitter : @artsnick
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My MiFi

This is my MiFi, mobile wifi,
Huawei E5830, hehehehe....
Good partner with iPhone, BlackBerry (currently using BB Business from
Telkomsel), lappie, and PSP.
And now, i'm waiting for the XL unlimited, a gift from id-iPhone,
thanks to bro Chippy the mods :)